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We have multiple sealcoating units that can be used to complete any size job including your driveway, parking lot or street sealing project. Most of our jobs areapplied by handto insure a complete and even firstcoat. Sealing coats can also be applied using spray units if the specific job calls for it.Silica sand and other additives canbe included according to your pavement's specific needs to further fill any surface irregularities, speed drying time or add additional non-slip texture.

26 years of sealcoating experience has led us to develop an extremely efficient and high-quality process. It includes: hand and power cleaning of the surface to eliminate dirt, stones, weeds and residues, power edging and cleaning of cracks/seams that need to be repaired, crack filler to eliminate additional water penetration, cleaning and initial sealing of any oil or gasoline spots to encapsulate them and stop their destructive action and one or two coats of the highest quality sealer over the entire surface.

Paving and Patching


From residential driveways to streets to large commercial lots, B&B can manage your asphalting job from start to finish. Our crews have the experience and the equipment to get the job done on time and on budget and are often recommended by asphalt plants and local villages as a high-quality provider of paving and asphalt maintenance services. From saw-cutting, "remove and replace" patching or resurfacing to full ground prep and pavement installation, B&B can make it happen. In the world of paving, experience counts.

Striping, Excavations and more!


B&B provides full service asphalt maintenance support, including pavement markings, striping, excavation work and more. Contact us to find out more about the B&B advantage!

We are fully insured, bonded and licensed! For your safety, insist on a company that is...

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