Premiere Auto Care, Inc. -   7939 Thomas Ave.   Bridgeview, IL 60455    (708) 594-7070


Our Featured Customer is Premiere Auto Care in Bridgeview, IL.  Premiere contacted us to have their front parking area repaved, sealcoated and striped.  This job included the sawcutting and removal of existing asphalt and installation of 2 lifts of new paving.  2.5 inches of binder grade asphalt and 2 inches of surface grade were laid down to provide Premiere with an "industrial strength" parking area for their customers.  In addition, we created a paved water culvert on the edge of their lot to properly drain storm water away from their lot.       

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In April of 2005, Bob decided to have B&B repave his back lot and side drive.  This presented a challenge as the back lot was completely surrounded by concrete and dirt/grass berms, had no drainage grade and was holding a significant amount of water after a rain.  To solve the problem, B&B removed the existing asphalt and graded the underlying stone base to force the water to flow approximately 75 feet to the only available drainage spot on the property (the culvert we created in 2004) .  We then installed the same double layer of binder and surface grade asphalt to complete the project.  Premiere's water problem is solved and B&B has another satisfied customer. 

Thank you Premiere Auto!!!

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